Bennett Polocrosse Rackets
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Racket information

"The Bennett Racket was born out of the need for a tougher, more durable racket than what was available.

Bennett Polocrosse Rackets is a highly specialised business dedicated to the manufacture of quality polocrosse rackets. As a player with over 28 years experience, I am well aware of the demands of players of all levels. Over the last 15 years I have spent a substantial amount of time, effort and money on research and development for the improvement of polocrosse rackets. I believe our rackets are the best and safest rackets available - giving our customers the best possible value".

Racket Assembly

All our rackets are made using the highest quality equipment and materials. Heads and grips are glued, pinned, then bound to the shafts by hand in our workshop. All work is either done by Graham (over 30 years experience) or under his direct supervision in our modern racket dedicated workshop using the most up to date tools and technologies along with time honored traditional methods, ensuring quality products. 


- The Bennett Polocrosse Racket features the unique patented injection moulded plastic head. Each head is individually molded, weighed and checked by Graham for any imperfections before being approved for use.

It is the only racket head specifically designed for polocrosse.

-The head is not affected by damp conditions, will not warp or split like cane heads and will not go out of shape as do heads cut out of sheet material.

- The unique moulding process gives greater durability, resilience and impact resistance for this hard and fast game.
- The shape of the head has been designed to make it easier to pick up the ball and give greater control when in possession.
- The unique design reduces the jarring and impact effect common to rigid cane, laminate and modified graphite squash racket heads. This reduces the risk of injury to the user, reduces the risk of impact injury to other players and their horses, and it makes the racket easier to use.
- The Bennett Racket Head does not splinter leaving jagged, dangerous edges as will cane, laminate and graphite heads. Again much safer for both players and their horses.
- Bennett Racket Heads are tested under extreme conditions and have a 12 month warranty (conditions apply).

We have four types of plastic heads available. All head types are manufactured from impact modified materials:

- Original Head, which weighs approx 100 gms.
- Original Super-Tough Head, which weighs approx 120 gms. (Contact us directly to order).
- Pro Head (our most popular), which weighs approx 104 gms.
- Pro Super-Tough Head, which weighs approx 125 gms. (contact us directly to order).


The cord used in our nets is a custom cord specifically made for us - to our specifications. All our nets are handmade here by us. Each net is made using a single length (approximately 7.5 metres ) of cord. They are made specifically to suit our racket heads. Graham has been making nets for 30 years. Over the years, Graham has made several modifications/improvements to the original pattern taught to him by Steve Stuart which was based on the net pattern developed by Eddie Curtis. 

Our nets are made (within very small tolerances) specifically to fit our heads. We do not recommend or support the use of other nets in our rackets/heads. The cord diameters of other nets typically do not match with the diameters of the net fitting holes in our heads and the net dimensions and shapes are not designed to match with our head shapes or hole spacings. Simply put - Other nets will not work properly with our heads. 


The selection of canes is critical to the quality of the finished racket. Our canes are quite simply the best. Every effort is made to ensure that each cane is a "premium" cane.

Each racket is made with hand picked 'tohiti' or 'manau' cane, only the best cane is selected and used. Most of our cane is seasoned (i.e. aged and dried) for 12 month's before use. 

Cane qualities, e.g. light, medium or heavy weight and whippy, average or stiff shaft should be requested with your order, along with grip size, e.g. thin or thick. (Our standard grip sizes are 28mm, 30mm and 32mm).

Cane Selection

Our canes are graded numerically at manufacturing stage for ease of identification. Generally speaking, the stronger the person/player and the more pressure they are going to put on a cane, the stiffer the cane that will suit them best... That said.. Personal preference and what feels right to each individual player may vary that.

With whippy canes... the thing to keep in mind, is the reason a cane is whippier, is because it is a weaker piece of cane and therefore also not as durable.

No. 5 canes are the whippiest I use being very whippy,

No. 6 are whippy,

No. 7 are medium/whippy, - typically very popular with ladies and junior players, or the experienced player who specifically wants a medium whippy cane.

No. 8 are medium,

No. 9 are medium/stiff

No. 10's which are very stiff. 


Custom made rackets

Our standard racket is approximately 1080 mm or 3'6" in overall length with a 400 mm or 16" grip, made with a medium weight, medium stiffness (No. 8) shaft. The grip is bound with a durable plastic tape and then covered with a non-slip sports grip.

Custom made rackets, to suit almost any requirements are available. Small variations to standard e.g. shaft and/or grip length, are made at no extra charge. A number of variations = more time involved in selecting canes etc. and a 'custom charge' will apply.


Racket adjustment.

Simple adjustments to your racket can be done quite easily.

If you are simply wanting to adjust a net that needs to be sped up or slowed down, then the following instructions and picture will help.

To speed up the net in your racket, loosen the top adjusting knot and move it towards "A" . 

To slow down the net in your racket, loosen the top adjusting knot and move it towards "B". 

Note: 95 percent of the time it is only necessary to adjust the 'top' adjusting point on each side. I recommend that the 'bottom' adjusting knots on each side be left alone unless otherwise advised.

Make sure that you retighten the knot in its original configuration once you have moved it either up or down the adjusting cord line.

Do not use nail polish or varnish to lock the adjusting knots.

If however you're still having trouble with your racket/net, feel free to contact me.

There will be additional instructions/guidelines on this page soon, so check back.