Bennett Polocrosse Rackets
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About the Pro head

The Bennett "Pro" Head.

    Bigger, Tougher, Better.  

Released in 2004 the "Pro" head was another breakthrough for Bennett Rackets. 4 years of planning, design and trials resulted in a racket head with truly outstanding attributes and performance. 

The head shape was designed to present the greatest open area and the least possible interference to taking the ball in any situation, whether catching or picking up the ball. The internal netting area of the head is 183mm wide and 215mm high, it is within the maximum internal dimensions of 184mm and 216mm.

It's Tougher - The design of the head incorporates material thickness with a blend of various Radii to give a superior racket head. Being injection moulded at approximately 200 ton pressure means you get a racket that keeps it's shape better.

It's Better - Being the biggest, or the toughest, were not the overriding factors behind the development of the Pro Head. Sure they were a part of it, but I wanted to come up with a "totally better" racket head. A racket head that in keeping with the founding concept of "Bennett Rackets", would do more and out perform the other racket heads currently available. A racket head that works to make playing the game easier, thereby making it easier to be a better player. This is it.

Warranty 12 month warranty