Bennett Polocrosse Rackets
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Polocrosse Whips 
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Polocrosse Whips

NEW Finally! we have the very popular White Polo Whips..... These are a great quality 96cm whip and have proven to be more durable than others we have sold .  Truly outstanding value at $30 ! Quantity discount... PLUS we give a 5% discount to registered customers! 

We can "over glue" the flapper bindings on the whips, as an option for $5. This stops the binding from unravelling, significantly extending the life of the whip.(this used to be a common problem - but we haven't had it happen so much with the white whips) 

(more pics up soon) 

Price Starting at $30.00AUD
Prices include GST (10.0%)

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Glue Binding :


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