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Our Premium Handmade Nets.

We are really excited about the new BLACK CORD! It is now our standard cord. The nets made with it feel fantastic! In testing so far they are performing extremely well and importantly they will last much longer - giving our customers better value for money. They will out perform any other net on the market. Several of the worlds best players (including ALL the players in the South African Mens Team 2017) are saying it is "the best net they have ever used".

The cord is a high tech dyneema based cord, specifically designed for superior knot holding, to be hard wearing and handle all weather conditions without changing. 

 I am that confident in this net that I am giving a 12 month satisfaction guarantee! (conditions apply). 


All our Nets are handmade here by us. Each net is made using a single length (approximately 7.5 metres ) of cord. They are made specifically to suit our racket heads. Graham has been making nets for more than 28 years, Caitlin & Karen for almost 8 years. Over the years, Graham has made several modifications/improvements to the original pattern taught to him by Steve Stuart, which was based on the net pattern developed by Eddie Curtis. Each and every net is inspected/checked by Graham before being fitted/used.

Our Nets are made specifically to fit our heads (within very small tolerances). We do not recommend or support the use of other nets in our rackets/heads. The cord diameters of other nets typically do not match with the diameters of the net fitting holes in our heads and the net dimensions and shapes are not designed to match with our head shapes or hole spacings. Simply put - Other nets will not work properly with our heads. 

Original or Pro Net
We make 2 standard sizes of net:
1. the Original Net, which fits our Original or 'round' heads.
2. the Pro Net, which fits the Pro or 'square' head.
Being hand made, the nets are not all 'exactly' the same but they are pretty darn close!
We can also make 'custom nets' - please contact us with your requirements.  
Set or Not Set 
Our nets can be supplied either 'not set' or 'set'.
Not Set - You buy the net as it has been made. The knots are not fully tightened and the net has not been set (as pictured).  
Set Net -  We fit the net into a head, seat it then set it. (Seating the net - the knots are tightened, while keeping the mesh proportions correct and the net in the correct shape. Everything is tightened down to prevent the net from moving/slipping. The net is then set to your requirements). Lastly, it is is taken back out of the head, leaving the impressions of where and how far it needs to be fitted/pulled into your racket head. This makes it much easier for you to fit and then use. The hard work has been done for you! 
Each net comes with a net fitting cord (which is the cord used to tie the net into the head). It is an abrasion resistant, pre shrunk Nylon cord - again specially made for us, to our specifications.
Assistance via Skype or FaceTime is available on request
Buy 2 to 4 Nets and get 5% off, buy 5 Nets or more and get 10% off!
(Discount does not apply to wholesale orders)

Choose from Original or Pro Net, Set or Not Set.: Net Size and Set or Not Set
Net Setting: Net Setting
Original Net - Not Set  $38.00AUD  
Original Net - Set  $66.00AUD  
Pro Net Black - Not Set  $40.00AUD  
Pro Net Black - Set  $72.60AUD  
Pro Net Blue - Not Set  $45.00AUD  
Pro Net Blue - Set  $75.90AUD  
Pro Net Red - Not Set  $45.00AUD  
Pro Net Red - Set  $75.90AUD  
Choose from Original or Pro Net, Set or Not Set. 
Net Fitting Cord Colour 
Net Setting 
Net Settings for multiple purchase