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Polocrosse. Polocrosse. Polocrosse. Polocrosse.

News, Specials and What's New ? 

Welcome to our News, Specials and What's New page.


Welcome to our website. Hopefully it will make shopping for your polocrosse gear easier for you.

Please don't be shy about giving feedback or making suggestions as to how we can improve.


All the talk at the moment is about the "Black Net". 

Our Premium Handmade Nets.

We are really excited about the new black cord! The nets made with it feel fantastic! In testing so far they are performing extremely well and importantly they will last much longer - giving our customers better value for money. They will out perform any other net on the market. Several of the worlds best players (including ALL the players in the South African Mens Team 2017) are saying it is "the best net they have ever used".

The cord is a high tech cord specifically designed; for superior knot holding, to be hard wearing and handle all weather conditions without changing. 

 I am that confident in this net that I am giving a 12 month satisfaction guarantee! (conditions apply). 



Jan Albert (Jannie) Steenkamp - Captain of the World Cup winning teams in 2011, 2015 and the Mens South African team 2017 with their historical 3-0 series win against Australia, loves his Bennett rackets saying;

"For me your rackets are really well balanced and the black net specifically is unbelievable. After I played my net in and It was after the first 3 days of receiving the rackets from you - it has not changed one bit. We have played in rain and still the racket has not let me down once! Sticks in the past that I had, always let me down in a wet game or if you snatched at a ball too hard. I love the fact that you personalize the racket for each person and its not a racket you fetch from somewhere on a shelf." 


 Pro Head Rackets

The great response to the Pro Head Rackets just keeps going - we are continually receiving great feed back on them.

"Best racket I've ever picked up"....

"biggest advance in Polocrosse equipment in the last 20 years" ...  

"I wouldn't go back to playing with anything else".... 

"I can't believe how much easier they are to use!"....

"My racket work is 100 times better with it!"....

"I just love using my Pro Racket, it has made a huge difference to my confidence ... my game has improved out of sight"....

These are just a few of the many fantastic responses we have had and they are typical of the feedback that we get. 

Less than 1% breakages in the last 3 years! 


Beginners also tell us that they are just so much easier to use than anything else.


See the Pro Racket page for details on them.




What's New? 

  • Gift Ideas
  • Some really great, practical gift ideas to make life at polocrosse easier.  - See them in the Bits n Pieces section.
    • Cotton Sporting Reins
    • Super comfortable and strong, same as the Cottonfields Polocrosse Reins, just a bit shorter and great value at $59-95 inc GST  - See them in the Reins section.
    • Four Stud Spur Straps - to suit the Side Rowel Polocrosse Spur. We've been waiting on these for quite a while. see them in the Whips & Spurs section.
    • Racket Bags - New Colours!  We have just received a new batch of bags with some great new colours. we replaced a lot of mice/rat damaged nets this year for rackets not kept in bags over the off season. Protect your much loved racket/s (and even the ones you don't really like!), keep/store them in a Racket Bag - new Nets are expensive!
    • Cane Head Rackets - we have a limited number of Split Cane Rackets which I had made by the same people who used to make the "Stroud" Rackets. Those of you over a certain age will recall that they were a very well made Cane racket. The rackets we have been able to get are of the same high quality. Really nice, top quality cane and first class assembly. They are built better than any cane racket that I have pulled apart over the last few years. They feel really nice and there are some super light ones. See them in the Rackets section.
    • Extended warranty on our Pro and Original Heads! Because of the great results we've had over the last 2 years plus of less than 1% breakage under warranty we have decided to offer the option of an additional 12 Months Parts Warranty - to be added to the original 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty! This would give you 2 years warranty!
    • White or Brown, Cotton Polocrosse Reins
    • - comfortable and strong - See them in the Reins section.
    • Sporting Reins - $45 - 2 Colour braided rope with rein stops. Eye-catching and perfect for club colours. NSWPC compliant. See them in the Reins section. 
    • Buckle Reins - $49-95 - 2 Colour braided rope with Rein Stops. Eye-catching and perfect for club colours. NSWPC compliant. See them in the Reins section.
    • Joined Reins with Eye Splice - $24-95  - 1 colour braided flat strap rein with hand spliced eye and NP buckle. Available soon in the Reins section.
    •  Simms Black Bellboots - Save the whites for the weekends! Or for other use. See them in Bellboots and Bandages.
    •  Willoughby Spurs - Vertical and Side Rowel !
    • Rocky Campdraft Spurs - w/Leather Straps
      Features an under boot strap of heavy 3mm stainless steel wire
    • Kneeguards - Neoprene and Leather models !




        Sims Bellboots - Back at their best! The molds have been re-tooled resulting in quality bellboots the way they used to be! Great quality white bellboots sizes 2 and 3 at $16-50 a pair.

         Simms Bellboots

        Whips - short $16-50, White Polo whips 95cm $25-.   


        Spurs - Both vertical and side rowel, check them out .


        Plus, don't forget we carry the New Derby Polocrosse Helmets  and Faceguards, typically we are much cheaper than other outlets - even when they have them on special !

        "Kit Bags" they are terrific. Plenty of room for all the bits and pieces. They will hold approx 15 rackets, balls, cones, bibs etc. for a coaching kit. Or, for the player who wants to keep it all together will take your helmet, bandages, bellboots, rackets - room for everything but your saddle.



        We are offering some more great specials. Keep checking back as I will post specials as we are able.

        • Sims Bellboots.      
        Sims reviewed and revamped their production process in April/May 2012 to give a tougher and longer lasting bellboot. The last batch we got in have a good, consistant feel to them. 

        Take advantage of our quantity discounts!  

        • Extended Warranty on the Pro Heads was $22 now $16-50 ! Unbelievable value for the peace of mind knowing your covered for an extra 12 months for the cost of a new head!


        • Player kits  (as stock permits); 

                    Kit 1:  (not currently available)1 standard racket, 1 ball and a racket bag to keep them in.

                    Kit 2:    1 Pro racket, 1 ball and a racket bag to keep them in.

        Great savings off the retail price - check them out in the catalogue. 



        • Coaching Kits   club coaching kits are still available at hugely discounted prices. Conditions apply, contact us for details. These Kits are not meant for individual distribution. Their purpose is to help Clubs promote and grow our sport.


        1.   The Standard Coaching Kit includes; 6 standard original rackets, 2 Milner balls and a standard racket bag. 
        2. The Full Coaching Kit includes; 6 standard original rackets, 2 Milner balls, 6 numbered bibs, 1 copy of "Polocrosse - A Practical Guide" and a Kit bag.


        Upgrade either of the above kits to include the popular Pro Head Rackets Or contact us for a custom kit.


         OUR ADDRESS;

        Bennett Polocrosse P/L
        689 Stewarts River Rd
        Lorne,  NSW   2439
        Phone:   +61 2  65569700
        Fax:       +61 2  65569711
        Mobile: 0418 609188 
        facebook: Bennett Polocrosse Rackets 

        Keep an eye on this page for upcoming specials.  I've got some great deals in mind if I can work things right !.